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Many people expect to be together forever when they get married. Unfortunately, life changes, often in unexpected ways. You and your partner's values may change, or your circumstances may change; eventually, you may realize that you no longer wish to be together. When that happens, you deserve assistance from divorce lawyers in Brandon, FL, that put your emotional needs first.

Ensure you come out of your divorce in good financial standing with help from The Law Offices of Steven J. Glaros & Associates. With more than three decades of family law experience, we're well-equipped to assist local couples in navigating the divorce process. Get in touch with our divorce attorneys today to schedule your free case evaluation. After-hours appointments are available.

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Though the divorce process may be emotionally difficult, divorce is nothing to be ashamed of. Thousands of Americans are divorced every year, making divorce one of the most commonplace legal processes. Not only that, but if you're truly unhappy with your marriage, you may be able to view your divorce as an opportunity to make a positive change in your life.

Many people view filing for divorce as a complicated and frustrating process. However, with skilled divorce attorneys on your side, it's easy to navigate any part of it. We draw up marital agreements, as well as ensuring they're adhered to by the parties involved. The following are just a few of the issues our divorce law office can assist you with.

Property Division: Florida law provides for an equitable distribution of marital property. This doesn't mean that each spouse receives half of the couple's combined property; rather, each spouse receives an amount that his commensurate with his or her contribution to the marriage.

Child Custody: If you and your spouse have children, you'll need to determine your custody arrangement. You might choose sole custody, joint custody, or rotating custody. It's also important to agree on a visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent.

Spousal Support: If you have a significantly higher income than your spouse, you may need to pay him or her spousal support, or alimony. This is to ensure that your spouse can maintain his or her quality of life after the marriage.

Contact our firm to discuss your situation with one of our compassionate divorce lawyers. We proudly serve clients in Tampa Bay, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Oldsmar, and New Port Richey, FL.